You can order and collect our custom medications from over 200 independent and branded Community Pharmacies throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Rural Queensland, Northern NSW, Sydney, Rural NSW and throughout Australia.

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How Does Our Ordering
Process Work?

  • Doctor prescribes compounding medicine, then
  • Patient visits to find a Partner Pharmacy, or
  • Patient visits a local Partner Pharmacy to order compounded prescription
  • Prescription from Patient is given to pharmacy and is identified as required to compound at NCC
  • Patient is quoted price(s) and time frame (typically 1-2 business days) by their local pharmacist
  • Partner Pharmacy sends Patient order via secure site
  • Pre-paid is commonly taken by Partner Pharmacy
  • Submitted order is checked and confirmed by NCC team & pharmacists
  • Prescription is confirmed to meet necessary requirements
  • Patient will receive SMS & email notification throughout compounding process
  • Completed order is packaged and sent back to Patient’s Partner Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy acknowledges order once delivered in store
  • Patient will receive a SMS & email notification for collection once items have arrived.
  • Patient visits Pharmacy to collect product
  • Pharmacist can provided patient advice & information
  • A further NCC communication & follow up occurs direct to patient between 2 and 4 weeks after collecting medication

Important Points

  1. Have your compounding prescription ready for the Partner Pharmacy
  2. Visit and order at your closest Pharmacy (or order online)
  3. Place the order requesting any particular details (ie. flavours) as you would normally have in the compounded medication
  4. Leave the Partner Pharmacy with your mobile phone and email

Frequently Asked Questions

No – This is a free service provided by NCC, National Custom Compounding

Yes – A courier service is required to take your compound(s) back to the Partner Pharmacy. It may take 1-2 business days.