The Apothocary July 2020


New study finds food supplement reduces severity and frequency of migraines in children

A new study out of Italy has found that children given the food supplement Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) experienced a marked reduction in the number and also the severity of migraines…..Read more.

Compounded medication offers personalised alternative to Big Pharma

Imagine a world where there are no home kitchens or fine dining restaurants and all food comes in pre-packaged boxes. There’s no choice in what you get, no opportunity to customise your food according to personal taste or dietary requirements that affect your health.

Sounds depressing doesn’t it? Read more…

Tired of choking on giant pills? This is the solution:

Forget crushing your pills and losing some of the active ingredients in the process – if swallowing large pills and tablets is a problem for you, talk to your doctor about compounded liquid medication.:…. Read more 

6 surprising causes of insomnia and what you can do about it

A new study from Korea has found that severe Vitamin D deficiency in male patients with respiratory and obstructive lung conditions was associated with a more rapid progression of emphysema….. Read more 

Natural Thyroid Extract – Notice of Price Increase

The NCC team hope that everyone is keeping safe and well during these challenging times. We are always here to help – please reach out.
We have been given some unfortunate news in May 2020: the manufacturer of Natural Thyroid Extract has increased the price of the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient). 
This has required the NCC team to review pricing on all Natural Thyroid Extract containing compounded medicines. As the increase is a significant one, NCC is unable to cover the cost increase.
From July 1, 2020 the new Natural Thyroid Extract pricing will apply. Please contact the team if you have any further questions – [email protected]

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