What We Offer Pharmacies

Why choose National Custom Compounding?

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Opportunity to expand your services

We believe that convenience in healthcare is critical to ensure timely access to medication. Our Partner Pharmacy option enables a patient to order and collect (at no extra cost) compounded medication through their local pharmacy – this could be your business. Related image

We understand the pharmacist-patient relationship

Our team understands the importance of the strong pharmacist-patient relationships between your clients and your pharmacy. With any Pharmacy that utilises our compounding services, we believe it is critical to establish that your patients are exclusively your patients and our role is to provide you with compounding products that help your patients and extends your professional service.

We make ourselves available to your patients

Our Pharmacists are always available for any professional advice that the Patient may need and can speak with us at anytime.

Highest Possible Standards

We pride ourselves on strictly maintaining the highest possible standards of quality and safety. Our Standard Operating Procedures have been developed in conjunction with Medisca International’s recommendation and we ensure consistently high standards by running independent stability tests on all our compounded medication. We adhere to a strict management process for storage of our raw ingredients and components and our purpose-built laboratories are audited annually. Read more about our Quality and Safety – Our Process.

24 Hour Service

One of the challenges with compounded medicine is the time required to make up each patient’s medication. As our team expands and our efficiency increases, National Custom Compounding is headed toward our 24 hour promise. As National Custom Compounding sells a large volume of some compounded medicines we believe that patients should be able to access them within 24 hours of contacting us.

This 24 hour service is only available for a select range of medications.

View our 24 hour medication list

Australia wide delivery

No matter where you operate your business in Australia, National Custom Compounding can deliver. We use a number of freight providers to ensure patients everywhere can receive our compounded medications.  

Opportunity to grow your customer base

By adding compounding to your professional service offering we can help you expand your customer base. Through our referral service and online pharmacist locator we will introduce new customers to your business.

Join our Affiliate Pharmacy Program

Broaden your services and increase your appeal by joining our Affiliate Pharmacy Program. Our Affiliate Pharmacy Program is all about creating greater value. Greater value for you. Greater value for all our customers.
Download our Affiliate Pharmacy Program brochure for more information.