This sets out the trading terms that National Custom Compounding Company Limited (ABN 17 971 220 310) (National Custom Compounding) wishes to offer you (“Trading Term Agreement”), and supersedes any previous Agreement(verbal or written), arrangement, or understanding with National Custom Compounding in relation to trading terms.

National Custom Compounding Standard Terms and Conditions of Supply

All products compounded and purchased by you from National Custom Compounding will be in accordance with this Trading Term Agreement, and National Custom Compounding’s current standard terms and conditions of supply as set out on National Custom Compounding invoices and in the National Custom Compounding Account Terms & Conditions (Standard Terms). To the extent of any inconsistency between the Standard Terms and this Trading Term Agreement, the terms of this Trading Term Agreement will prevail.

Conditions of the Program

  1. National Custom Compounding is considered the ‘compounding pharmacist’ as well as the ‘dispensing pharmacist’, and is responsible for dispensing, compounding, recording of the patient on the compounded medicine. See Pharmacy Board Compounding FAQ.
  2. As the Partner Pharmacy, you must follow the Pharmacy Boards guidance on indirect supply contained in the Guidelines for dispensing of medicines.
  3. Patient Counselling is provided by NCC Pharmacits through phone or electronic communications. NCC supplies a range of reserach papers and medicine information sheets that can be access by the receiving Pharmacists and handed to Patient’s. Please visit
  4. All original, physical prescriptions must be sent to National Custom Compounding immediately after transmitting the order. Repeats can be returned to Patient’s local pharmacy when requested. 

Post Prescriptions to: Reply Paid 86714, Merrimac QLD 4226.

  1. The NCC compounding/dispense label must remain on the patient product. All compounding and dispense records are stored by NCC for future reference if necesssary. See Pharmacy Board Guidelines.
  2. The pricing on the Patient’s NCC compounding/dispense label is the final patient price.
  3. The online ordering portal ( is the only secure and guaranteed method of transmitting orders. The system ensures prescription submission, product tracking, status update & history.
  4. Compounded Medicine quotes can be made online at by logging into
  5. All compounded patient orders will be placed on a pharmacy account and payment is due 14 days after the end of month.
  6. The official patient tax receipt will be supplied inside the bag with the compounded medicine.
  7. The 24-hour compounding guarantee is only applicable for items listed at the front of the price list. This excludes courier time to pharmacies, prescription validity issues, out of stock etc.

Professional Service Fees

As at the date of this Agreement if you elect to agree to the Account Terms set out below, National Custom Compounding will provide the corresponding terms:

Account Terms

  • Account payment must be made within 14 days of statement being issued each month. Statement is issued on 1st of the month via email.
  • Account payment can be made through a direct debit agreement
  • If payment is not received 30 days after statement issue, a late payment fee may occur.


  • A Professional Service Fee (PSF) is provided to renumerate the recieving pharmacy for their time.

A Professional Service Fee is based on monthly statement total

  • Less than $1000 per month equals 10% of statement total
  • Between $1000 & $2000 per month equals 15% of statement total
  • Greater than $2000 per month equals 20% of statement total

Variance of Terms

National Custom Compounding can vary the terms set out in this Trading Term Agreement, in its sole discretion upon the provision of 30 days notice to you if National Custom Compounding considers there has been a material adverse change to National Custom Compounding’s margins under this Trading Term Agreement.

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