Finally, a Fast and Affordable Way to Give Your Patients
the Exact, Tailor Made Medicines They Need

To Reach and Maintain Maximum Health and Well-Being

Which of These Challenges Is Preventing You From Providing the Optimum Patient Care You Aspire To?

Like many doctors, are there times when you’d like to prescribe a specific medication for a patient, but in a slightly different dose or formulation than what is available off-the-shelf (perhaps without the fillers, dyes, gluten, lactose or preservatives that many people are sensitive to)?

Do you sometimes struggle to source an effective medication because it is out of stock or no longer in production, and wish you could get the same formulation made on demand?

Have you ever had a patient who couldn’t swallow a tablet and wished you could get the same medicine in a (pleasant tasting) liquid form?

And like most Doctors, do you want a fast, affordable way to give your patients the exact medicines they need, so they can enjoy maximum well-being and health?

How National Custom Compounding Helps Doctors Provide Even Better Patient Care

Over the last 10 years, National Custom Compounding has helped hundreds of Doctors and Pharmacists in their quest to provide optimum patient care.

No longer are you forced to compromise with a generic, off-the-shelf medicine. Now you can prescribe the exact medicine – formulation, dose, form – you know your patient needs. And have it expertly manufactured and ready for pickup or dispatch usually within 24 hours.

Our experienced Pharmacists offer free advice to Doctors and your patients. All medicines are made from scratch using certified raw ingredients that are frequently independently tested for stability, and manufactured in our purpose-built laboratory on the Gold Coast

Ordering is easy with our online portal.

What Other Doctors Say

National Custom Compounding currently partners with more than 700 Pharmacists around Australia. Here’s a small sample of how they say this program is helping them and their patients.

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"They are a fantastic team from top to bottom"

Our relationship with NCC is very good, very professional. They’re great to work with, we have a really good understanding of how each other operates. They are a fantastic team from top to bottom. They have a really quick turnaround, are very knowledgeable, quick to answer on formulation questions. They really know what they’re doing, good communications.

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"They are respectful, friendly"

“They’ve been very good to me as I have used them for 2 years as a practitioner and 2 years before that as a patient. As a patient I had no problems. They are respectful, friendly and their customer service is professional.”

How to Get Custom Made Medicines For Your Patients

Don’t settle for generic, off-the-shelf medications. Place your order with National Custom Compounding and give your patients the exact medicines they need – formulation, dose, and form (tablet, pill, liquid, cream) – to reach and maintain maximum health and well-being .