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Meet Matt

Meet Matt - Compounding Pharmacist & Owner

I have been a pharmacist for 10 years, worked in a variety of Pharmacies including NCC for 6 years.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, 2 kids & dog or swinging a golf club.

I find compounding and pharmacy a rewarding profession because of NCC’s ability to customise medicine for any type of patient or pet. I often find ourselves solving challenges which standard medicine couldn’t and the gratitude from Patients is very humbling.’

I am always available to discuss Patient, Pharmacies or Doctor’s needs, [email protected] or 1300731755

Meet Becky

Meet Becky - Office Team Leader

I’m originally from the UK and moved over to Aus with my partner in 2011. We have 2 beautiful boys and our fur baby. In our spare time we love to go and have picnics in the park and video call family back home.

I find compounding fascinating! Healthcare isn’t always a ‘one size fits all’ and I love that with compounding we can taylor make something to fit an individuals needs. I also love that we can compound medications for kids in lots of different yummy flavours, not just the generic ‘cherry’ flavouring!

I am always available to help our Patients and Customers on 1300731755

Meet Anna

Meet Anna - Lab Technician

Family means everything to me. I am 22 years old, and live with my mum, stepdad and 9 year old sister. I also have a 25 year old brother. I love animals! I have two beautiful border collies; Oskar who is 4 and Luna who is 2. They are my fur babies! and mean the absolute world to me. I like to keep active in my spare time, and love to go for bike rides with my family and take my dogs for plenty of walks and runs. To relax and wind down, I like to watch anime, read and spend as much quality time with my family as possible!

I love what I do. The thing I love most about my job, is being able to compound medications for both humans and animals that help them stay well. Knowing the fact that I am helping others brings a lot of satisfaction to my job. There is always so much opportunity to discover and learn; I am constantly expanding my knowledge and learning new things everyday! I am proud of what I do and love being part of the NCC team! 🙂

Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany - Dispense Technician / Customer Service

I’m a Gold Coast born local who has worked in customer service for over 15 years. I have a cheeky Border Collie named Archie and absolutely love spending time with family and friends, cooking up a storm and travelling!

It’s a great feeling knowing that we are able to provide medications and compounded items to customers that’s suited to their individual needs and requirements – Pharmacy doesn’t have to be “one size fits all” !

Meet Sharon

Meet Sharon - Compounding Technician

I really enjoy off-road motor bike riding and camping with my sons.

I love the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day.

Meet Evan

Meet Evan - Frontman & Customer Service

I like to buy instant noodles without any English text on them, as a surprise for myself.

The most interesting part of compounding is providing innovative solutions to modern problems.

Meet Christie

Meet Christie - Compounding Pharmacist

Mum of two energetic young boys. Hobbies include going to the gym and spending time at the beach with family.

What I really like about compounding pharmacy is the ability to individualise medications to suit a person’s needs, such as hormone replacement therapy, and vitamins or making a medicine suitable and palatable for a child.

Meet Karen

Meet Karen - Lab Manager

I have 3 pets, No. 1 – “Bill”, my husband! No. 2 “Zuri” 4 year old Golden Retriever and No.3 “Boots” our cat, not sure of age as she wondered in one day and never left. We have two sons Aaron and Kelvin.
My hobbies are baking, tapestry, wood burning, glass painting/etching, and reading to name just a few.
I was a Vet Nurse for 26 years, in New Zealand, England and Australia before getting into the compound pharmacy industry.

I love my job as its like baking, satisfying to see the end result. There’s always something new to try out.

Meet Annie

Meet Annie - Frontlady & Customer Service

I like to go to the gym, keep active and healthy. I love spending time with my family and grandchildren. I have a special interest in skin care and cosmetics.

I love the people I work with and learning about different types of medication.

Meet Neomai

Meet Neomai - Sales And Marketing Agent

Mom to my one and only beautiful daughter. Hobbies include reading and spending my time in my vegetable garden.

I would say being part of a solution that could help people and also knowing that I am a part of something that includes health service especially now since our community is currently affected by health issues each day!!

Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly - Compounding Pharmacist

After work, I love spending time with my family and friends and exploring various places to eat. I also enjoy being inspired by art and beautiful views of nature.

I am passionate about helping individual to build their wellness and this ties in perfectly with NCC’s values. Finding creative and innovative solutions for challenging situations is very rewarding and this is what I love about working as a compounding pharmacist.

Meet Laiane

Meet Laiane - Lab Technician

Meet Letitia

Meet Letitia - Amcal Pharmacy Manager

Meet Robyn

Meet Robyn - Amcal Pharmacy Assistant

Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle - Amcal Dispensary Technician & Pharmacy Student