Medication without the Additives

Drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies often contain a number of ingredients that do not have any direct medicinal purpose. These ingredients are called additives or excipients and include such things as:

  • Preservatives – for a longer shelf life
  • Artificial colours – to make the product more attractive to the consumer
  • Fillers – a vehicle to deliver very small amounts of active ingredients
  • Therapeutic enhancers – to aid in absorption, solubility or viscosity
  • Artificial flavours and sugars – to improve the taste.

These additives are usually harmless and are included in such small amounts that they have no effect on most consumers. However a very small number of people may experience an adverse reaction to one or more of these additives which prevents them from taking their prescribed medication. National Custom Compounding can help.

Following a prescription from your doctor, our experienced pharmacists can make up your medication, to the exact formula used by the manufacturer, but without the additives. This can provide great relief for affected patients by allowing them to continue using their medication without the uncomfortable side-effects.

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