Grow Your Pharmacy With Custom Made Medicines

That Give Current and Potential Patients The Exact Remedies They Need

How to Give Your Customers the Medicines They’re Looking For

While off-the-shelf medicines are convenient, they can’t always give patients exactly what they need…

  • Some patients may be looking for medicines in different doses that are not available off-the-shelf (or can’t easily be stocked)
  • Others may be sensitive to fillers, dyes, gluten, lactose and preservatives contained in some medicines
  • Some may want medicines in different a form (e.g. pleasant-tasting liquid instead of tablets)
  • And many patients simply want the optimum formulation that gives them the best health outcome
Download the Pharmacy Affiliate Brochure and discover:
  • The eight categories of medications pharmacies most commonly order
  • Six reasons to become a Pharmacy Affiliate
  • Pharmacy success stories that demonstrate the benefits of becoming a Pharmacy Affiliate
  • How to receive free promotion and referrals so new local patients find your pharmacy
  • How to grow your pharmacy and more fully serve your patients as a National Custom Compounding Pharmacy Affiliate

Easily expand your range to include Custom Made Medicines (without having to increase stock)

Attract new customers looking for tailor made medicines

Increase sales and patient care for current customers

How National Custom Compounding (NCC) Helps You Attract New Customers and Increase Sales (and Service) to Existing Customers

As aNational Custom Compounding Partner Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to expand your product range to include custom made medicines tailored for specific patients.

This not only helps you attract new customers, it enables you to more fully serve existing customers by giving them the exact medicines they are looking for.

How the National Custom Compounding Partner Pharmacy Program Works

process img

Step 1 - PatientPatient

  • Doctor prescribes compounding medicine, then
  • Patient visits to find a Partner Pharmacy, or
  • Patient visits a local Partner Pharmacy to order compounded prescription

Step 2 - Pharmacy

  • Prescription from Patient is given to pharmacy and is identified as required to compound at NCC
  • Patient is quoted price(s) and time frame (typically 1-2 business days) by their local pharmacist
  • Partner Pharmacy sends Patient order via secure site
  • Pre-paid is commonly taken by Partner Pharmacy

Step 3 - NCC

  • Submitted order is checked and confirmed by NCC team & pharmacists
  • Prescription is confirmed to meet necessary requirements
  • Patient will receive SMS & email notification throughout compounding process
  • Completed order is packaged and sent back to Patient’s Partner Pharmacy

Step 4 - Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy acknowledges order once delivered in store
  • Patient will receive a SMS & email notification for collection once items have arrived.

Step 5 - Patient

  • Patient visits Pharmacy to collect product
  • Pharmacist can provided patient advice & information
  • A further NCC communication & follow up occurs direct to patient between 2 and 4 weeks after collecting medication

More Reasons to Become
an NCC Partner Pharmacy

  • Reinforcing Your Reputation in the Community

    Adding custom-made medicines to your range of services helps to reinforce your leadership as a premium health care provider among doctors and patients in your community.

  • Improve Service and Sales to Current Patients

    Promoting custom-made medicines to your current patients will both increase the service you offer them, and the sales and profits you receive as a result of their purchases and referrals.

  • Attract New Customers

    The market for custom made medicines is growing rapidly, giving you profitable advertising opportunities to reach new patients. As a Partner Pharmacy, you will be listed (free) on our online Pharmacy Locator and included in our Referral Service which introduces new customers to your pharmacy.

  • Certified Premium Quality

    All medications are made from scratch using certified raw ingredients that are regularly tested for stability, and manufactured in our purpose-built laboratories according to strict procedures. Read more about our Equipment and Quality Assurance here.

  • 24 Hour Turnaround on Most Medicines

    Customers order and pick up their tailor-made medicines from your pharmacy, with no delivery cost. In most cases, orders are dispatched to you within 24 hours.

  • Your Patients Remain Your Patients

    While NCC may be the supplier that enables you to offer tailor-made medicines, all patient relationships remain with your pharmacy.

  • Free Advice for You and Your Customers

    Our expert Pharmacists are available to give you and your customers free, professional advice to ensure they get precise formulations for optimum health.

What Other Pharmacists Say

National Custom Compounding currently partners with more than 700 Pharmacists around Australia. Here’s a small sample of how they say this program is helping them and their patients.

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"I have no hesitation to use them"

“Their store is awesome, I was blown away, they have such good equipment. I have no hesitation to use them on a personal level and to recommend them.”

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"Thank you so much!"

Thank you to the entire team at National Custom Compounding.We have noticed a huge improvement in communication since the beginning of the year and your service has been so prompt.Thank you so much! – Love the entire Hope Island Team

Your Next Step to Growing Your Pharmacy By Providing New and Existing Customers the Medicines They Need for Optimum Health

As a National Custom Compounding Partner Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to expand your product range to include custom made medicines tailored for specific patients.

This not only helps you attract new customers, it enables you to more fully serve existing customers by giving them the exact medicines they are looking for.

24-Hour Promise
Over 95% of compounded
medicines shipped within 24 hours
Delivery Australia-Wide
With free delivery on
orders over $150.
Free Pharmacy Collection
From over 700 partner
pharmacies nationwide.

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What Patients & Practitioners Are Saying

About Our Compounding Medicines

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"They are a fantastic team from top to bottom"

Our relationship with NCC is very good, very professional. They’re great to work with, we have a really good understanding of how each other operates. They are a fantastic team from top to bottom. They have a really quick turnaround, are very knowledgeable, quick to answer on formulation questions. They really know what they’re doing, good communications.

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"Very impressed"

“your service is excellent, ordered in the afternoon and had medication the next day delivered, very impressed.”