Child Friendly Medication

All parents know the frustration of trying to administer medication to a sick and consequently tired and irritable, child. If that medication comes in the form of a large hard-to-swallow pill, or unpleasant tasting syrup, the task is made all the more challenging.

And some medications only come in tablet form, presenting an impossible situation for the parents of newborns and small infants. A compounding chemist can help. With a prescription supplied by your doctor we can make up a liquid form of any medication with the exact same ingredients and ratios as those found in your child’s tablet or pills. We can also make up your child’s medication and replace the nasty taste (which can make some children gag) with the flavour of bubblegum, raspberry, chocolate, butterscotch or even marshmallow. For more information on child-friendly medication contact us on 1300731755 or email one of our friendly team.