Our Compounding Capabilities

Services that we can offer include

  • Suspension not commercially available for infants with significant reflux issues. Tolerable flavours encourage the medication to be swallowed and therefore work effectively.
  • Pre or postmenopausal women can be made a natural hormone replacement medication (BHRT) in transdermal creams or “Troches” which are small lozenges designed to absorb through the cheek cavity.
  • Natural Thyroid or T3 capsules can be compounded for Thyroid conditions, where other prescription medication may have failed to treat the condition.
  • A range of active cosmetic products can be compounded to include lignocaine, lidocaine, anti-aging components and range of other ingredients.
  • Nutritional Supplements (customised vitamins) which contain a range of vitamin ingredients in concentrations prescribed by qualified Doctors.

Commonly Compounded Products

For Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement – Available in topical cream, troche (lozenge that dissolves in check cavity), capsules or pessary Depigmenting Agents – Available in topical cream, solution or peel Anti-aging agents – Available in topical cream, solution or peel

Steroid Therapy – Available in topical cream or solution Anti Inflammatory Agents – Available in topical cream or solution
Immune Suppressing Agents – Available in topical cream or ointment Crude Coal Tar, Coal Tar,  Urea, Zinc, Hemp Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil
Anti-bacterial Agents – Available in topical cream or solution Salicylic Acid, Chlorhexidine, Sulphur, Sulphacetamide, Benzoyl  Peroxide
Anti-fungal Agents – Available in topical cream or solution Miconazole, Boric Acid, Sodium Thiosulphate, Thymol
Anti Pyretic Agents – Available in topical cream or ointment Menthol, Phenol, Camphor
Anal Fissure Treatment – Available in topical cream or ointment Hair Loss Treatment – Available in topical solution or drops
Wart Treatments – Available in topical paint, solution or ointment Ear compounds – Available in drops or ointment

ANESTHETIC COMPOUNDS Single Or Combination Formulations – Available in topical cream or solution
Single Or Combination Formulations – Available in topical cream, solution or troche (dis-solvable lozenge) Single Or Combination Formulations – Available in topical cream or solution

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Available in capsule

SLEEP PROMOTION AND MOOD BALANCE Available in capsule or troche (dissolvable lozenge)

NUTRITIONAL COMPOUNDING Available in capsule or powder

Available in capsule, powder, flavoured suspension or troche (dis-solvable lozenge) Folic Acid, Paracetamol, Antihistamine, Decongestant, Antibiotics, Pyrantel, Suspensions

WEIGHTLOSS COMPOUNDING Available in nasal spray, drops, capsule or lozenges

DENTAL COMPOUNDING Available in oral drops & capsule
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Our relationship with NCC is very good, very professional. They’re great to work with, we have a really good understanding of how each other operates. They are a fantastic team from top to bottom. They have a really quick turnaround, are very knowledgeable, quick to answer on formulation questions. They really know what they’re doing, good communications.

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