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National Custom Compounding is a specialist compounding chemist that makes personalised medicines to order and ships nationwide.

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We Make All Types Of Compounded Medicines For Many Health Concerns

  • Are commercial prescription medicines not working as well as you’d like?

    Like many people, are generic medicines not working as well as you’d like, and are you looking for a way to get medicines with the optimum formulation of the highest quality ingredients, tailored for your specific needs?

  • Do you suffer from sensitivities or allergies?

    Are you sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients in off-the-shelf medicines, and want a way to get the medicinal ingredients you need without the fillers, dyes, gluten, lactose or preservatives that can cause problems?

  • Do you need a rare ingredient, or a custom formulation?

    Are you finding it hard to source a medicine you once bought easily over the counter (or is in short supply), and want a way to get the same formulation made specially for you?

  • Do you have difficulties swallowing tablets?

    Do you find it difficult to swallow tablets and want the same medicines in easy-to-swallow, pleasant tasting liquids?

  • Is your medicine unavailable or hard to find?

    Are you having difficulty locating the medicines you need at your local pharmacy, and wish you had a way to order them exactly when you need them?

And like most people, are you looking for medicines that are tailor made specifically for you – so you can get the best results and achieve optimum health?

Place your order quickly and easily online, at our premises on the Gold Coast, or at one of our 875 partner pharmacies around Australia.

Why Choose Us For Your Compounding Medicines?

Ordering online is
fast and simple
10+ years, 50,113+
patients served
Certified &
supply chain
Multiple onsite
sterile compounding

How We Help Patients Just Like You

Get the Personally-Made Medicine You Need
To Maximise Your Well Being and Boost Your Quality of Life

For more than 10 years, National Custom Compounding has been helping Doctors support their patients by providing premium quality, custom made medicines.

Unlike off-the-shelf medicines that contain a generic mix of ingredients, our personally-made medicines have the exact ingredients, in precise quantities (perfectly balanced) to give you the best result.

You can have absolute confidence in our medicines knowing that:

  • All raw ingredients come from a certified and accredited supply chain, are stored according to strict protocols, and are frequently tested to ensure the highest possible quality
  • Our state-of-the-art laboratories were built in line with Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and United States Pharmacopoeia guidelines and have 3 separate ‘zones’ to ensure 100% integrity of ingredients
  • Our staff receive rigorous training, follow strict procedures, and wear full Personal Protective Equipment to ensure maximum hygiene and safety
  • And of course, every medicine is custom made (from scratch) to exact formulations to give you the best results and optimum health.

Place your order quickly and easily online, at our premises on the Gold Coast, or at one of our 875 partner pharmacies around Australia.

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Order Via Our
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We Make
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Your Order Is Shipped
Or You Pick It Up Locally
How do I order my prescription online?

Ordering is quick an easy through our online portal Or find a partner Pharmacy near you to place your order.

How long will it take to make my medicine?

Most medications are ready for collection or dispatch within 24 hours.

Where can I pick my order up from?

Order and collect your medication from more than 210 pharmacies throughout Australia (click here to find a pharmacy near you).

Collect from National Custom Compounding facility at Suite 3-6/166 Gooding Drive, Merimac, Gold Coast, Qld (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)

Collect from Amcal Pharmacy Merimac, right next to National Custom Compounding (Sat 8am-12:30pm)

Or order online and have your medicine delivered to your door via Express Post.

How We Help Pharmacies Provide A Better Service

By Giving Your Patients The Exact Remedies They Need, So Your Business Grows

As a National Custom Compounding Partner Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to expand your product range to include custom made medicines tailored for specific patients.

This not only helps you attract new customers, it enables you to more fully serve existing customers by giving them the exact medicines they are looking for.

We partner with 875+ pharmacies across Australia, including these brands:

What Patients & Practitioners Are Saying

Eva Di Brino
Eva Di Brino
August 14, 2023.
These guys are Amazing! I can’t thank you enough, from your follow up emails to your professionalisms I’m your lifelong committed client! Thank you so so much :)
Helen Holley
Helen Holley
August 10, 2023.
After being a loyal customer of NCC for 5 years, and having payed hundreds of dollars for compounded medication, I’m sorry to say that this past year there has been a deterioration in service. Ordering is no longer easy or quick, mistakes are being made, promises are not being honoured, communication is poor & prompt delivery of medication is no longer provided. This just causes incredible anxiety for a customer who needs a reliable, communicative & prompt compounding pharmacy. I will be seeking the services of another compounding pharmacy, unfortunately.
Cassinia Moore
Cassinia Moore
August 8, 2023.
Very friendly and highly professional. I ordered my medication and it didn't get posted properly (not their fault), so I contacted them and they sent a replacement that arrived literally the next day. I was scared to even say anything but they're so friendly, my fears were unfounded and met with nothing but solution. Thank you so much for making things a little easier for us loony people :)
Mish Ivaneza
Mish Ivaneza
August 6, 2023.
Awesome service and great product to use!!
Holly Smith
Holly Smith
August 4, 2023.
NCC is the most affordable way I can get my crucial, non-PBS medication. The ordering process is easy and the delivery is fast. My delivery even came in a compostable postbag
Perry Rosewall
Perry Rosewall
July 29, 2023.
Product had the desired effect and we were able to have a fantastic cruise. Thankyou
Jack Winterbottom
Jack Winterbottom
July 28, 2023.
Received the seasickness pills within 4 days of ordering. Used them on a 9m-boat (=small) pelagic bird watching trip 2 days later to 90 kms offshore in seas the skipper described as “very sloppy” which means the skipper would rather have not gone out. 3/6 birders seasick inc me but all I did was puke twice and felt great the whole trip. Compared to previous trips, worked a treat. In milder conditions, I would have be fine. Good job NCCP!
Rebecca Ashcroft-Smith
Rebecca Ashcroft-Smith
July 22, 2023.
I can't recommend this place enough! Now my medication is not only better quality than the generics out there, but it's actually cheaper!!!
Miriam Bentley
Miriam Bentley
July 19, 2023.
If it was not for these seasick tables, I would not be able to travel. I have tried every commercial product out there and these blue seasick capsules are the only thing that works for me on ✈️🛳 🚞 thankyou National Custom Compounds.

I have no hesitation to use them

"Their store is awesome, I was blown away, they have such good equipment. I have no hesitation to use them on a personal level and to recommend them."

Priceline Pharmacy South Brisbane

They are respectful, friendly

"They’ve been very good to me as I have used them for 2 years as a practitioner and 2 years before that as a patient. As a patient I had no problems. They are respectful, friendly and their customer service is professional."

Holistic Doctor Central Gold Coast

Thank you so much!

Thank you to the entire team at National Custom Compounding.We have noticed a huge improvement in communication since the beginning of the year and your service has been so prompt.Thank you so much! - Love the entire Hope Island Team

AMCAL Pharmacy Hope Island

This is so much better for me

"I used to get my compounded painkiller sent from Albury, but this is so much better for me, thanks."

Patient, BP

Very impressed

"your service is excellent, ordered in the afternoon and had medication the next day delivered, very impressed."

Patient, MM

Improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing

"Changes to me medication is still early days, but certainly improvement in sleep from melatonin and increase in energy from DHEA. Improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing from the Progesterone, melatonin and DHEA."

Patient, SM