Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we are often asked. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1 Are there special compliance requirements to use NCC?

No, there’s no additional compliance requirements since we (NCC) are technically fulfilling the patient’s script (not manufacturing on your behalf) by compounding and dispensing.

We simply pay you a handling service fee to reimburse the time taken to transmit the order and hand the order to the patient.

2 What Products Can You Compound? And What Are Your Prices?

The best place to get an idea of the products that we can compound, including prices for each, is via our website:

3 How Does Shipping Work? How Much Does It Cost?

With non-sterile medicines, when a pharmacy joins our affiliate program they get access to free shipping on most products as a default. We use a combination of Aramex and Auspost to ship patient medications to their local pharmacy.

For sterile medicines and other formulations that require refrigeration, the system is slightly different, as we get the affiliate pharmacy to charge the patient shipping when the patient places an order. To ensure this is as affordable as possible, we quote the price of shipping on a case-by-case basis.

(This is because we use Australia Post Express to try and get the medicine there as fast as possible, because of the complexity of sterile medicine expiry dates.)

4 How Long Does Shipping Take?

We guarantee formulations will be made within 24 hours of the order. 2-3 days shipping is common for east-coast orders. 3-5 days delivery is most common for other pharmacies. We have the option for DHL which is 24hrs but at the pharmacy’s expense (circa $25 per parcel).

5 What Official Lab Standard Do You Have?

NCC follows the USP guidelines for non-sterile lab, PIC/S 010 guidelines for the sterile lab and the business is QCPP approved.

6 Who Trained The Compounding Pharmacists?

Compounding pharmacists have been trained by PCCA and Medisca, both non-sterile compounding training courses and sterile training courses. There are 5 pharmacists in the compounding team.

7 Can You Return Scripts?

Yes, you’ll need to post the original prescription to NCC – PO BOX. Repeats are kept on file. And affiliates can opt to have repeats returned.

8 What Is The Dispensing Procedure For Patients?

Dispensing procedure is outlined in the onboarding pack, but is as follows:

  • Affiliate Pharmacy uploads the prescription and patient information onto the NCC order portal.
  • Affiliate Pharmacy does not dispense the prescription locally, but may put through their dispense system as ‘NCC compounding order’ if they choose.
  • Original prescription is immediately posted to NCC – PO BOX. Repeats are kept on file, Affiliate can opt to have repeats returned.
  • NCC Pharmacist then review’s order, checks prescription, dispenses and compounds. Once ready, shipping occurs back to affiliate pharmacies.
  • The patient is notified by the NCC order portal throughout the process and pharmacists will contact the patient directly with any prescription related questions.

9 How Much Does It Cost / Do You Pay A Fee?

We pay you a handling service fee to reimburse the time taken to transmit the order and hand the order to the patient. This equates to 10% of the total sale.

10 What Is Your Pharmacy Registration Status?

Pharmacy is approved as a section 90 PBS approved pharmacy.

11 Do I Need To Commit To A Certain Number Of Orders?

No, there is no cost and no minimum orders to get set up and it only takes a moment.