Online Compounding Quote

  1. Complete your name, phone number and email information.
  2. Begin typing the name of your compounding item into the ‘Search Item(s)‘ field.
  3. Then select the correct item and quantity and this item will add to your quote.

Please repeat step 2 & 3 to add another item to your quote.

Once finished, then select ‘send quote‘ to complete the quote.

The NCC Team will then contact you with an official quote and inform you of the next steps to create your customised compounded medication.

Important points

  1. These are estimated price(s) from our software system but is not the final price.
  2. All quotes will require a prescription to be transmitted to NCC before the order will commence onto the compounding stages.

If you have any questions regarding these steps please email or call our team on 1300731755.