Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we are often asked. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1 What does National Custom Compounding do?

National Custom Compounding uses the highest quality raw ingredients to custom make the exact Doctor – prescribed medicine you need, with the perfect balance, dose and format (liquid, tablet pill or cream), ready for pick up or delivery in just 24 hours

2 Who can order custom made medicines from National Custom Compounding?

Anyone with a Prescription can place an order online or through one of hundreds of partner Pharmacies.

3 How do I place an order?

Ordering is quick an easy through our online portal Or find a partner Pharmacy near you to place your order.

4 How long will it take to make my medicine?

Most medications are ready for collection or dispatch within 24 hours.

6 Where can I pick my order up from?

Order and collect your medication from more than 210 pharmacies throughout Australia (click here to find a pharmacy near you).

Collect from National Custom Compounding facility at Suite 3-6/166 Gooding Drive, Merimac, Gold Coast, Qld (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)

Collect from Amcal Pharmacy Merimac, right next to National Custom Compounding (Sat 8am-12:30pm)

Or order online and have your medicine delivered to your door via Express Post.

7 Can you deliver my order?

Yes. Order online and have your medicine delivered to your door via Express Post.

8 How does National Custom Compounding help Pharmacists?

National Custom Compounding enables Pharmacies to attract new patients and increase service and sales to existing customers, by helping you extend your product range to include custom-made medications. We provide free advice and extra promotion through our online Pharmacy Locator and Referral Service.

9 How does National Custom Compounding help Doctors / Prescribers?

National Custom Compounding gives Doctors a fast, affordable way to give your patients the exact, tailor-made medicines they need to reach and maintain maximum health and well-being.

10 How do I find a National Custom Compounding Doctor, Prescriber or Pharmacist?

Find a Doctor Prescriber near you

Find a Partner Pharmacy near you

11 What’s special about National Custom Compounding’s production process?

Everything about National Custom Compounding – from the purpose-built facility, state-of-the-art equipment, and strict procedures – is designed to provide Doctors, Pharmacists, and their patients, with the highest possible quality custom-made medicines. Read more about the steps we take to ensure unmatched standards including:

  • Purpose-built facility
  • 3 separate rooms to maintain ingredient integrity and avoid cross-contamination
  • A certified supply chain of raw ingredients
  • Frequent random independent testing
  • Strict protocols and training
  • And much more!

12 Why are custom-made medicines so important?

National Custom Compounding can:

  • Tailor-make medicine for your exact needs (ingredients, doses, form — tablet, pill, liquid, cream)
  • Combine multiple formulations into one medicine (reducing the number of tablets you need to take)
  • Make medicines without fillers, dyes, gluten, lactose or preservatives that many people are sensitive to
  • Make medicines with a pleasant-tasting flavour (great for children)
  • Reproduce out of stock and unavailable medicines
  • Provide a cheaper alternative to many commercial medicines

13 How much do custom-made medications cost?

Most National Custom Compounding medicines cost around the same or less than many equivalent off-the-shelf medicines

14 How did National Custom Compounding start?

The founder of National Custom Compounding, Matthew Bellgrove, has dedicated his life to helping patients reach and maintain optimum health. In this pursuit, he began compounding (custom making) medicines to provide patients with the exact remedies they need. In 2013 he pulled together resources and expertise from 3 Gold Coast compounding pharmacies and built a state-of-the-art facility to form National Custom Compounding.

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"Improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing"

“Changes to me medication is still early days, but certainly improvement in sleep from melatonin and increase in energy from DHEA. Improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing from the Progesterone, melatonin and DHEA.”

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"I have no hesitation to use them"

“Their store is awesome, I was blown away, they have such good equipment. I have no hesitation to use them on a personal level and to recommend them.”