Are you getting what you pay for?

We’ve all done it – brought home a ‘bargain’ buy from the $2 shop only to find it breaks first time we use it or it doesn’t work at all. These things we chalk up to experience with the old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’, ringing in our ears.

Getting a dud deal is fine for potato peelers and bicycle pumps, but what about when it comes to your health and the products you use to achieve optimal health? This is an area where there’s no room for error. How can you know you’re getting what you pay for?

At National Custom Compounding we believe that quality is head-and-shoulders above any other consideration when it comes to your health. Sure, we could make products as cheap as some online stores if we cut corners, but cutting corners is not something we do. Our patient’s health is too important to us.

The cornerstone of our business is to put safety and quality first. We do this in four ways:

High Grade Ingredients – The pharmaceutical ingredients we use in our products are of the highest standard available in Australia. We only use ingredients sourced from TGA-licensed compounding suppliers who have a long and respected track record. These suppliers include Bella-Corp, Medisca and PCCA.

Specialised Facilities – Our purpose built laboratories are equipped with powder containment hoods with HEPA filters and each room has its own air supply through individual air-conditioning units. This ensures no cross-contamination of medicines. All equipment is maintained and calibrated according to USP standards.

Testing for quality and consistency: We conduct independent laboratory testing of our compounds so you can be certain that what you’re getting is of the highest possible quality and purity. We also run stability tests which enable us to supply patients with accurate expiry dates and storage information. It is also a critical step to ensure that the current formulations are correct for compounding medications. Dedicated Team – On our team are three compounding pharmacists, four community pharmacists and five technicians, all of whom have received a high level of specialised training from accredited training providers.

So while you may find similar products to ours online for a cheaper price, when you deal with us you’re guaranteed peace of mind that the quality and purity of the product is unsurpassed. When it comes to your health – quality matters.

For more information on our quality systems and processes visit the National Custom Compounding website or contact one of our friendly team members.

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