Hope for sufferers of Hypersensitive Gag Reflex

gag reflex For most people, taking their medication presents no more trouble than popping down to their local chemist to have their prescription filled. However for people suffering from hypersensitive gag reflex, being prescribed a course of medication introduces another challenge above and beyond the illness itself.

Hypersensitive gag reflex describes a condition where the soft tissues at the back and roof of the mouth have become overly sensitive to touch. This causes the sufferer to gag on everyday things that a non-sufferer has no problem swallowing. Pills and tablets are the most common items that people with hypersensitive gag reflex have trouble with. The condition can also prevent people from brushing their teeth, wearing dentures and having some dental work performed. Some people are so sensitive they gag just from the touch of the dentist’s mirror on their tongue.

The gag reflex performs the very important function of preventing foreign materials from entering the upper airways and lungs and causing choking. This is especially important in young children. And for most people the gag reflex does a good job – letting food and fluids into the stomach while keeping the airways free and clear for respiration. However some people have no gag reflex at all. This is usually something that’s learned, such as in the case of sword-swallowers who desensitise the soft tissues at the back of the mouth through repetition of touch over long periods of time.

Some health professionals believe that, like sword-swallowing, hypersensitive gag reflex is a learned response also. And if something can be learned, it can also be unlearned through relaxation and breathing techniques.

We all know how unpleasant the feeling of gagging can be. The uncontrolled, nauseous feeling you get just before you vomit is not something any of us wants to experience more than necessary. People with hypersensitive gag reflex are no different. And the condition can make them understandably reluctant to take their medication which can have serious consequences for their health.

Some people with hypersensitive gag reflex resort to crushing their tablets however if you’ve ever tried to do this, you’ll know it’s a tricky business that results in some of the medicine being wasted – you can never be sure exactly how much you’ve consumed.

However there is an alternative which guarantees accuracy of dosage, saves you time and costs you no more than your regular medication.

With a prescription from your doctor National Custom Compounding can make up your medication in liquid form. A liquid that’s much easier to swallow than a large pill.

We make up your medicine using the exact active ingredients as used by the drug manufacturer. The only thing that changes is the packaging – and your ability to swallow what’s inside. And we can do this for you for the same price as your regular medication.

For more information on medication that’s easy to swallow contact the friendly team at National Custom Compounding.

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