Welcome to National Custom Compounding

“To provide innovative,alternative, individualised healthcare solutions for people and animals throughout Australia.”

We continually strive to achieve a high level of service through an efficient and patient-centric business model which ensures access to professional advice, continued care and unique patient follow up processes.


We believe that Australia’s vast distances should not inhibit Australians from getting access to alternative healthcare and compounding medications. We work with a number of practitioners throughout Australia and through an integrated transportation network, we are able to move our unique medication options in a short time frame.

People and animals are similar and they are very different. The similarity that people and animals do share is that there is not a one size fits all for their healthcare needs. Currently the standard approach for both human and animal care is to prescribe mass-manufactured  medication. While there have been some incredible innovations in this area of healthcare, our compounding pharmacy has identified a growing opportunity in tailoring and customising medications.

Compounding medication is exactly that, producing one custom medication for each person or animal, each time they need it. Our process is all about finding the best individual fit and tailoring a solution specifically.