Apples, Chillis and Beans: These and other surprisingly effective treatments for hair loss

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A recent (November 2022) study review conducted by three U.S. Schools of Medicine, including Harvard, has uncovered a number of non-drug treatments with the potential to effectively treat hair loss.

Omegas 3 and 6 (derived from fish oil), tocotrienol (derived from Vitamin E) and extracts made from chillis, beans, and the humble apple were all included in a list of ‘nutritional interventions’ with evidence of being effective treatments for hair loss.

The review studied the data from 28 randomised and non-randomised clinical trials, 30 research articles and 2 case studies to inform its findings. Researchers focussed on studies and trials where the participants did not have a known nutritional deficiency and whose hair loss was not the result of medication use or physical stress.

The review found the effectiveness of the nutritional intervention depended on the type of hair loss suffered by the trial participant. For example, people suffering a type of hair loss caused by a deficiency in the IGF-1 hormone were found to respond well to a combination treatment made from capsaicin (derived from chillis) and isoflavones (derived from beans). A Japanese University trial found that 64.5% of study participants experienced significantly higher levels of hair growth promotion after 5 months of the capsaicin/ isoflavone treatment compared to those on a placebo.

Tocotrienol, derived from Vitamin E, was shown to increase hair growth in Alopecia sufferers by 34.5 per cent at the end of an 8 month study period, according to an Indonesian study. It’s believed the treatment addresses oxidative stress in the sufferer, a condition that past studies have linked to the onset of Alopecia. Other nutrients that counteract oxidative stress, like omega 3 and 6 from fish oil, are also showing promise as effective hair loss treatments.

The review also cited a study conducted by an Italian University, in which an extract found in certain apples, called procyanidin B2, was found to be effective in increasing cellular keratin expression in adult skin. The authors of this study say, “…we observed significant results in terms of increased hair growth, density, and keratin content, already after 2 months.”

In addition the review cited a number of approved drug interventions as being particularly effective treatments for hair loss, with some of those named on the list of treatments regularly compounded by National Custom Compounding, here in Australia.

For more information on effective treatments for hair loss – both drug and non-drug – as well as no obligation advice, contact the friendly staff at National Custom Compounding on 1300 731 755 or [email protected].

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