Are you irresistible to mosquitos? Here’s why

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Are you one of those people who gets slaughtered by mosquitos every summer while those around you seem blissfully unaffected by the ferocious little back yard saboteurs?

Ever wondered why?

We’ve all heard the theories: it’s the kind of food you eat (onions anyone?), your blood type, how much you sweat, how often you bathe, how much immunity you built up as a child, heavy breathing, blood sugar levels – and there’s many more out there.

Now science has the definitive answer that debunks all the urban myth. And it has to do with fatty acids in the skin.

Scientists from The Rockefeller University in the United States embarked on a study to identify a common denominator between people who are ‘mozzie magnets’. They went in search of why a mossie will by-pass several ‘less attractive’ people just to get to the irresistible ‘magnet’.

And at the end of a 3-year study they found the answer.

As part of the study they asked eight participants to wear nylon stockings on their arms for 6 hours a day. They then put these stockings in individual plexiglass chambers connected by tubes to one main chamber containing mosquitos. They then observed which chamber the mosquitos were more interested in, and which they flew into the most.

After numerous trials they found that the mosquitos were four times more attracted to the nylon stocking worn by a participant known as ‘Subject 33’. This result was compelling enough, however after crunching the data, scientists found that Subject 33 was 100 times more alluring to mosquitos than the least attractive participant, Subject 19.

The scientists found that in any trial involving Subject 33, the result would be the same – mosquitos found this person irresistible.

Speaking to Science Daily, one the study’s leads, Maria Elena De Obaldia said, “It would be obvious within a few seconds of starting the assay. It’s the type of thing that gets me really excited as a scientist. This is something real. This is not splitting hairs. This is a huge effect.”

Armed with this compelling data, they analysed 50 molecular compounds in the moisturising barrier of the skin of all participants, and recorded their levels. They found that the skin of Subject 33 and others who were ‘high attractors’, produced much more carboxylic acid than those who aroused little interest from the mosquitos.

To verify they had discovered something of significance, they conducted a second trial. This trial involved Subject 33 as well as 56 new participants. Subject 33 was again overwhelmingly the most attractive to mosquitos in this trail.

“Some subjects were in the study for several years, and we saw that if they were a mosquito magnet, they remained a mosquito magnet. Many things could have changed about the subject or their behaviours over that time, but this was a very stable property of the person.” De Obaldia told Science Daily.

How to keep the Mossies at bay

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