Combining Medications in One Pill Can Help Reduce Workload for Carers of the Elderly

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The recent Royal Commission into Aged Care has starkly highlighted how more needs to be done to reduce the workload of those caring for the aged and elderly in our community.

The Commission found that, “While many excellent people work in aged care, there are systemic workforce problems that must be addressed. In a large number of residential aged care facilities there are not enough workers to provide high quality, person-centred care. “

While we wait for the government to introduce systemic reform and improve staffing numbers, one small way that could make a difference to the workload and stress levels of aged care workers is by combining the multitude of medications taken by some elderly people into one easy-to-take capsule or liquid dose.

Many of the elderly, especially those in Aged Care homes, take multiple medications several times a day for a range of health conditions. Missing pills, especially if it happens on a regular basis, can lead to serious adverse health outcomes for the patient, and is a situation that must be avoided.

However for those caring for the elderly, the daily task of ensuring all residents take every single one of their pills, at the times they’re supposed to, can be a challenging, daily, grind.  Some patients can be stubborn, some are forgetful and others physically have difficulty swallowing large pills and tablets.

A simple solution to this problem – one that will save time and reduce stress for all concerned – is to combine all of a patient’s medication into one easy-to-take capsule or liquid dose.

How do you combine medications?

The active ingredient in some medications can be extremely small, with the bulk of the pill or tablet comprised of what’s called ‘filler’. When this ‘filler’ is dispensed with, it’s surprising how many different kinds of active ingredients can fit into one capsule. Many medications can also be made up as a liquid for those who have trouble swallowing.

National Custom Compounding can combine multiple medications into one capsule when directed by a qualified medical practitioner – and we do so on a regular basis for aged care home residents and other people taking multiple medications. It’s a simple and surprisingly cost effective solution to a common problem.

We are a fully qualified, highly trained, government-regulated compounding pharmacy with purpose-built laboratories designed to provide our customers with safe, effective, personalised medicine.

For more information on combining medications and no obligation advice contact us on 1300 731 755 or [email protected].

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