The data is in. Fennel extract works wonders on vaginal atrophy

100 per cent of women with vaginal atrophy taking part in a 2016 Iranian study saw a reduction in their vaginal pH after applying fennel ethanol extract. This compared favourably to the placebo group, where only 7.4 per cent saw a reduction.

High vaginal pH is one of the key indicators of vaginal atrophy. A vaginal pH of 4.6 or more supports a positive diagnosis.

“The results showed that fennel cream significantly increased the number of superficial vaginal cell after 8 weeks of treatment (P < 0.001), which associated with a significant reduction in the number of intermediate and para-basal cells in vagina compared to placebo group (P < 0.001),” the authors of the study said.

Significantly, the researchers also found that fennel vaginal cream significantly improved itching, dryness, pallor, and dyspareunia in study participants in the active group.

National Custom Compounding has developed a fennel vaginal cream to treat vaginal atrophy that uses the type of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) studied in the trial as its main active ingredient.

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